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One of the most powerful things we can do is realize how we look, feel, recover and repair our bodies is directly connected to the nutritional intensity of the food we eat. 

Our Nutritional Reality

The Truth

We live in a society that has an incredibly low intake on fruits and vegetables. Low fruit and vegetable intake is among the top 10 risk factors contributing to attributable mortality.

Adequate consumption of fruit and vegetables reduces the risk for cardiovascular diseases, stomach cancer and colorectal cancer. Moreover, eating a variety of vegetables and fruits clearly ensures an adequate intake of micronutrients, dietary fibres and a host of essential non-nutrient substances.*

The Problem

No matter one's age, most people eat few if any or not nearly enough fruits and vegetables because: 

  • It's not convenient 
  • They don't taste good
  • Lack of motivation 
  • Fresh produce spoils before you can eat it

The Solution

JuicePlus+ | The Next Best Things To Fruits and Vegetables 

Realizing the importance of whole food based nutrition, the Juice Plus+ company developed a way for all people to have concentrated farm fresh nutrition from 25 different fruits, vegetables, berries' and grains that is supported by clinical research and loved my millions across the globe. Juice Plus+ is a healthy solution that is powerfully simple. 

Juice Plus+ in One Word

The Next Generation Health Challenges