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A gathering place for the courageous - building meaningful connections - pursuing lives lived well!

Crew Works

What's in the name Crew Works - The online gathering space for Caleb Works.

Crew: A group of people associated together in a common activity or by common traits or interests.

Works: To bring about a result by work or effort, collectively or individually.

I've always liked to find a seat near a window.  Regardless if it was at school, at work, traveling or at home - pretty much anywhere I go!  Maybe it's just a habit.  Or maybe it's a combination of boredom, curiosity and wonderment of what adventure or challenge that I'm drawn to sit by a window!

Regardless of one's age, our current or past social or economic places in life,  or our success's and failures, we all have something great to bring to the table.   People who keep discovering their courage!  They step up and take another step. They press into doing something fulfilling.  Often they've met as strangers becoming friends that end up as family!

We all have intrinsic value and life experiences. Yet distance and time often make it challenging to meet face to face.  The right online space to introduce friends and strangers to each other, minus the ad's could make that doable!  We've found a tool that's fit's the bill!  Just because we admit that we don't have all the "how to's" figured out,  we've started anyway and we'll build this together!  

Our doors are open if you'd like to  meet some like minded folks, with out all the noise.   Go and sit by a window and be inspired!   Rekindle your adventurous spirit and connect with us here at  Crew Works!  We're looking forward to meeting you!  

   Thanks for visiting!

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